The Brothel of Ephesus was located at the crossing point of the Marble and Curetes streets. There were two entrances one from each street and the building consisted of two floors. The first one housed a hall, the reception area which was adorned with mosaic floors, and a bath. The second one housed the rooms. Health control and cleanness were of vital importance for the visitors of the brothel. They had to clean their hands and their feet before entering the large salon which was equipped with any kind of cleaning facilities and adorned with small statues of Venus (Aphrodite) to whom it had been dedicated.

The small rooms were the prostitutes accepted their visitors were lightened by candles.

During excavations, a figurine of Priapus with a big phallus was found in the Brothel area and it is displayed at Ephesus Museum.


The Brothel of Ephesus

Ephesus Brothel