Even though some sources mention that the Virgin Mary died in Jerusalem, there is a second version according to which Saint John took Mary in Ephesus where she finally died. There was also a Bavarian nun, Catherine Emmerich, who had a vision during which she was shown a place where the house of Virgin Mary, where she lived and died at the age of 63, was located as well as the remains of her tomb. Even though the nun had no education and had never left her country, she described that place in detail, on the basis of her vision. This was confirmed later by two researchers who investigated the mountain predicted by the nun where they found the house of Mary. However, they did not find the tomb of hers yet that place has become famous to all Christians as a sacred one.

The Archbishop of Izmir declared the House of Virgin Mary as a pilgrimage place, in 1892 and Pope Paul VI visited it in 1967. It is said that a lot of miracules have been noted there.

The House of Virgin Mary consists of a small domed church with an entrance hall and a praying room. The bedroom of Mary was possibly located on the right and a small kitchen was probably on the left side.

It is located 7km away from the ancient Ephesus city and it is surrounded by an amazing yard with flowered gardens.


The Grotto of Virgin Mary in Ephesus

Virgin Mary House - Ephesus